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Well, it’s the end of my work week. I guess that’s not really true, because I’m a writer and there’s really no end to the work week. In fact I have A LOT of work ahead of me starting very very soon. Woo Edits! I have edits to do. I’ll probably have a lot more to talk about writing when I’m trying to put off doing edits. 😀



Stephen Colbert funds every teacher grant request in South Carolina – Guys pay attention. He funded EVERY SINGLE ONE IN THE WHOLE STATE and it was only $800,000. Go and look at what teachers near you are asking for. You can make a difference.

Soldier refuses to give up. – “The march was the last event required to earn the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge, a decoration awarded to those who pass a rigorous battery of tests for medical professionals in the Army. Less than 25 percent of those who attempt the required course typically pass.” Spoiler: She did.

Silver Bar found on what is believed to be wreck of the Adventure Galley – Hmm. There’s some weirdness between the lines here. It very well could be exactly what they say, but it is a little odd to be doing a big PR thing with the silver bar prior to having other test results and things… unless the government was going to shut down their ability to recover items.Curious to find out more about this team and such.

Heads up! – The Russian Cargo ship is set to fall out of orbit on Friday.

United Arab Emirates sending probe to Mars – I am so excited about this! There are so many great things that can happen with more countries having space programs. I want to read SF about the UAE space program in 200 years! Especially if you extrapolate it having full-funding for that entire time.

It’s tree bukkake season – We’ve got pollen sign the likes of which GOD has never seen.

Measles vaccine may help the body fight off other infections too – Ooo I want to see more research in this drop of other infectious disease deaths after vaccine campaigns. Like, is it tied to parents getting other vaccinations as well, or does the vaccine itself work against other diseases? The article isn’t really clear.

Treating C. diff with it’s own non-toxic spores – Whoa. Why on earth would that work? Is it starving them by overgrowing super fast? And the not-reestablishing normal gut fauna makes it seem like not a great alternative to other methods.

Whiskeytown USA – May 8-9 in Portland Oregon. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

A Choose Someone Else’s Adventure Game Played by Text – There is an astronaut stranded on the moon and you’re the only person they can communicate with. What an amazing concept.

Ebola causes eye color change in man – Whoa weird. Especially that it went back!

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