Edits and Allergies Melting My Brain

This is your brain on edits. It’s delicious with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows.

Well, I’d already decided I wasn’t going to blog on the weekends, but then our internet had an outage so I couldn’t have anyway. *cuts out long rambling bit* So… anyway, long story short, I spent all weekend editing and combined with allergy related asthma, I can’t even keep track of what day it is in the real world.

TOO MANY LINKS (mostly Space edition):

NASA sez No REALLY there is no warp drive – Sure, that’s what you WANT us to believe. (Clarifying Update to update to the update on this)

Martian sunsets are blue – SO COOL!

Mysterious reflections on Ceres continue to get weirder. 

Getting laser internet on Mars and making sure astronauts get good meals – Lots of really great details about the human side of technology needed for a manned Mars mission. I want Mars furniture already.

Hey did you know there’s an area of Brazil populated by 5 generations of Confederate refugees from the American Civil War?