Where am I? What state is this? Why am I wearing these coveralls? Is this my blood?

This is a marmot. That is all.
This is a marmot. That is all.

Oh heeeeeey I remember now. I really don’t like this time of year. Everything is all shifty, not quite summer, not quite spring. The allergies are plentiful and my brain gets all weird. I’ve fallen off the wagon on a lot of my chores and things so I’m having to stop. take a breath, and then go back and pick up the slack. I am doing REALLY good at cooking and making lots of yummy healthy food, so I’ve got to keep that up while I go back and figure out why I’ve let other stuff slack. I suspect it’s just a temporary case of the donwannas. I just need to shuttupitbuildscharacter myself a few times and keep it going without beating myself up too bad.


Man sneezes out toy rubber dart after 44 years 

Space coffee cup

SFWA Cookbook available for pre-order

22 rules for Storytelling According to Pixar – I’m sure I’ve posted some version of this before but this one is pretty. I will admit #4 is pretty much how I outline everything initially. 20 is a big one for me too.

Lost fantasy movie “Black Angel” now available on YouTube – I’m very interested to see this, no idea what I’ll think.

Interesting astrology article on Library of Congress blog

Daily Wordcounts of Famous Authors – I try to average 500 a day during a project for what it’s worth.

Science of Scarcity 

Revision First Week Sales Numbers – Andrea has posted up her week 1 sales for Revision so there’s more transparency and that others (like me) can use this information in the future. Thank you Andrea, this is truly a service for other authors.

Dark bands on Europa might be salt colored by radioactive exposure

New York Times drops its paywall 

Why it’s so hard to talk to white people about racism – TLDR: Basically people don’t see racism unless they also see ill intent. (Not sure if I posted this before, but I tend to look here for articles I want to find later so I’m posting it again if I did.)

What drives subconscious racial bias

SCIENCE FICTION SPACE TECHNOLOGY TERMS – Hey, that’s kind of neat. Lots of stuff to poke around on there… even if the homepage is straight out of 1999

Someone donated a grenade to Goodwill again – Look, if the post office won’t let you mail it you shouldn’t donate it anywhere either.

Green algae virus can impact human cognition – O_O

Good news: Flying car exists. Bad news: it had its first crash. 

Cuban lung cancer vaccine therapy – Huh. This is interesting in a lot of ways.

15 Neato space technology concepts