Dear Internet, it has been two days since I blogged and it was not a weekend. The donwannas came over me and I was not strong enough to overcome them.

I’ve finished line edits and now I’m working on writing needed additions to this project. This means writing scenes from the POV of the most creeptastic villain I’ve ever created, which is uncomfortable. It’s very much a Frollo thing for me. Ah. I probably should explain that.

Many years ago I was in a stage production of Quasimodo and a friend of mine, Tim, was playing the part of the lecherous priest, Frollo. The lady playing his obsession Esmerelda was also the director and she was very frustrated with how empty his words seemed. I don’t remember exactly how she put it, but she explained that Frollo needed to see Esmerelda as something he wanted more than anything in the world and she was forbidden and that it didn’t matter if Tim had to imagine her as a damn candy bar his mother had strictly forbade him, Frollo needed to see Esmerelda as the subject of his deepest desires.

They reset the scene, started again… and dude became Frollo. As the scene ended we all sat there in silence until someone went… “HOLY SHIT”. And the director said “YES THAT. DO THAT EVERY TIME.” And we (an otherwise mostly female cast) all agreed he’d just managed to creep the fuck out of all of us.

And the fact that Tim had just managed to creep us all out made him amazingly uncomfortable to the point where he never did what he had managed to do again. He always held back, even knowing it would create a better performance because it wasn’t one he wanted to do well.

So yeah, writing this character is deeply uncomfortable.


Jewish Cemetery inside GM plant 

Using rat poison creates botfly flymagedden for reporter – Gross story illustrating why rat poison blocks are a bad idea on multiple levels

Concrete Building heals its own cracks with limestone “scabs” 

Jewish origins of Kentucky Bourbon 

Triggers for Creating Internal Change – I’m trying to make some positive changes for myself and this is one of the lists that rang true for me this week. I keep having to remind myself how just stopping and taking 10 deep breaths can make all the difference. I’d like to be meditating 15 min a day but I’m sure as hell not there yet. Soon though. 🙂

New technique for making nanofibers – Wow, it’s like a spinning wheel on a very small scale

It looks like we’ve lost 40% of bee colonies last year – I feel like I should take up bee keeping just to do my part to help.

Forgotten Cocktails of Maryland

Sweden’s Gay Defense System – Best name– but I wish it was more Special Forces and less trolltastic gizmo. Then I thought that the picture in the article was a little over the top… until I realized that’s an actual picture of the device.  

Self-perpetuating botnets in unsecured routers

Ford’s staff Cultural Anthropologist – This is pretty much the kind of thing I always assumed I’d end up doing. I wish this article was much much longer cause that seems like a lot of really interesting data being collected.

Angel Hair Phenomenon – baby spiders ballooning make an incredible sight.

Warm blooded Fish Found 

Article about Commemorative DEA patches – Damn a lot of these look like you’d find them at a Deadhead event…