Pilot Parallel Pen 1.5mm

Some of you may remember how disappointed I was in the Scheaffer Calligraphy pens. Well, I still liked the IDEA of having a Calligraphy pen so I decided to give the Pilot Parallel a shot, as I’ve been extremely happy with Pilot pens so far. I got the 1.5mm because I want to write with it still, not just do Calligraphy.


Here it is assembled out of the package. It comes with two ink cartridges, a squeeze converter for cleaning (though I’m sure it would work just fine), and a nib cleaner (Oh HEY I had no idea this was a thing and have just been using the edge of my paper for the same purpose. This is way better).

Pilot Parallel with items for scale
Pilot Parallel with items for scale








This pen is designed to sorta resemble a dip pen and has the paint brush-style taper body. I’m not a huge fan of the look, but it works just fine. It isn’t as awkward as you might fear for being so long.




I'm not a huge person, but it's still pretty long.
I’m not a huge person, but it’s still pretty long.



It really is quite a long pen. It is completely convertible into an eyedropper pen, though I’m not sure I’d suggest it… simply because the barrel seems to untwist slightly when I untwist the cap and I think it might occasionally leak because of this even with silicone grease.


nib comparison between Parallel 1.5mm and Scheaffer Fine
nib comparison between Parallel 1.5mm and Scheaffer Fine
width of line drawn with said pens. The stutter on the Parallel is user error not pen.


The Good

  • 3 nib sizes
  • writes nice and wet, great for calligraphy (but bad for cheap paper)
  • nice smooth round grip
  • is FUN to write with

The Bad

  • Looooooooooong Pen is Long
  • requires a proprietary cartridge and converter
  • not really practical for everyday writing, but that’s not what it’s made for

Overall grade: A for Calligraphy Pen, B for occasional wanting to write all swoopy for no practical reason