Schneider Glam



I bought this pen because it was weird. The pattern is straight up gaudy and basically has puffy paint for the silver bits. It wasn’t particularly expensive and it claimed to come with a companion eraser pen and corrector. Barkaboo? So, I bought it cause that sounded weird. Then… I never took it out of the package because well, it looks like Lisa Frank threw up on it.



I thought maybe there would be more information inside the packaging, but this is just a card. No help there.



So this is what it comes with. The fountain pen, the corrector pen, and a box of cartridges. Normally I set aside any included blue or black ink and put something more colorful in to test pens, but I figured this has a particular ink formulation.


This pen has really weird angled tips on the top and bottom of the pen. The nib is normal, but it feels almost like they should have some particular function… as far as I can tell they don’t.


The pen is pretty light and the ergonomic grip is actually really comfortable. If it wasn’t covered in gaudy hearts I’d probably want to use this a lot more. I’m pretty sure my 14 year old self would be mildly ashamed to be seen using this pen.


I like the grip on this pen. It’s comfortable. Maybe if I take nail polish remover to it I can make it presentable looking…


So here’s the test. I couldn’t find my regular notebook so I wrote on the back of a postcard which I’ll probably send randomly to someone I know. The ink behaves fine, but it is lighter maybe more translucent than standard ink to my untrained eye.


So I just took the eraser pen and went diagonally through the text from top right to bottom left… and holy goats, it works! FUNKY.


So the thing about the eraser is it makes it impossible for the fountain pen to rewrite what was there… so the opposite end of the eraser is a pen which will write over the erased area. As you can see, the inks do not really match.


The Good

  • Light
  • really comfortable grip
  • should in theory use standard cartridges and converter
  • writes nice

The Bad

  • Lisa Frank Eat Your Heart Out Looks.
  • Eraser only works with included cartridges
  • included cartridges write lighter/more transparently
  • correction pen ink doesn’t match fountain pen ink
  • weird angled ends on outside of pen

Overall grade: B-

The purple sparkly hearts of doom are just very very much not my thing. The correctable ink is kind of neat but I’m not sure how much I need that feature for my uses.