Talk With Me

Do you want to have a Conversation with me? I’m currently looking to schedule Conversations for the next couple months. I’m looking to talk to wordsmiths of all kinds. If you work with words and/or writers in some capacity, I want to talk to you. To date, twenty-seven different people have had Conversations here and I’m in the midst of scheduling several others. Conversations take around an hour and are conducted via the Instant Messenger platform of your choice (provided I either already have it or can get it to work. There are no particular questions and I am about the furthest thing from a journalist there is. My goal is to show the connections and transmission of ideas as they actually happen between people. I know I once thought there was some kind of clique inner-circle sort of thing going on with writing and really it’s more that if you don’t quit, you make connections with people over shared interests and eventually those connections turn into opportunities… or baked goods. Conversations Between Writers is not meant to be primarily a promotion venue. It can happen as Conversations are about all kinds of things, and sometimes we writers are more likely to come out of our shells a bit more when we’re in a promotion sort of mind. My personal goal is to help myself feel less alone (and hopefully others) by making these Conversations public. So please, if you want to talk about interesting things that may or may not have to do directly with writing in some way, please sign up or nominate someone you think might need a little nudge. You can always hit me up on Twitter, email me, or use the form here: