Fountain Pen Friday: Platinum Preppy

Laying on one of those small hotel notepads.


Welcome to a special “I took these photographs at the hotel at World Horror Con” edition of Fountain Pen Friday. Considering how much I love the Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen I decided to give the Platinum Preppy (Jet Pens, Goulet Pens, Amazon) a whirl when I ordered a bunch of stuff recently. 

Pen and all its fabulous pieces.
Pen and all its fabulous pieces.

I really enjoy using this pen. It’s been my daily carry since I started using it.

In hand without cap.
In hand without cap.

It’s definitely a full-size pen, but it writes with the same ease and fine line that the Petit1 pens do.

in hand with cap
in hand with cap

I bought a fine nib and it writes with a very nice narrow line that is absolutely no problem in smaller spaces.

writing on small hotel notepad
writing on small hotel notepad

Good news for those who do eyedrop conversions, this pen is PERFECT for them. Because it is a larger pen it will hold a ton of ink. There’s an added o-ring as per: this tutorial, but holy cow this thing would hold a massive amount of ink. I may make this pen my first eyedrop conversion after I write out the cartridge.

The Good

  • Good-looking plastic pen
  • eyedrop convertible
  • round grip
  • secure snap on cap for traveling
  • Cheap (Just over $3 at Jet Pens, just under $4 at Goulet Pens, Amazon pricing terrible)
  • writes nice.
  • writes FAST

The Bad

  • hard grip
  • proprietary cartridge
  • While not heavy, it is not as light as the Petit1 (because it is larger)

Overall grade: A

The Petit1 still remains my favorite, but this one is RIGHT UP THERE and I reserve the right to change my mind if it is a superior eyedrop conversion.

One thought on “Fountain Pen Friday: Platinum Preppy

  1. My only problem with these is that the barrel invariably cracks if I leave it in my purse, usually around the cap collar, so I then can’t cap them anymore–the plastic is just too brittle. Otherwise I love them! Haven’t tried the conversion, but I do refill and reuse cartridges.

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